Hello 2015!

My photography-activity has dropped to a almost lifeless state, but I’m hoping to get the creative geenes flowing pretty soon. Starting the first «shoot» in 2015 by doing some self portraits. My narsisistic days are pretty much over, since this is the firsk self portrait I’ve done in over a year.

Inspired by a photo of Lindsey Wixon, shot by Santiago & Mauricio

Here’s mine:

_DSC6019 as Smart Object-2 copyTonight I’m off to shoot a private party, so no results will be posted from that, but I’m really looking foreward to finally using my camera again.


Merry christmas!

julebilde copyMe and my sisters wish you all a merry christmas, and a happy new year! (the cat and dog also says hi)

Home-studio: Result

Here’s the result from sundays session:

_DSC5455 as Smart Object-1 copy _DSC5557 as Smart Object-2 copy _DSC5585 as Smart Object-1 copyNO: Tenker du fremdeles på om du burde ta skikkelige bilder til profesjonell bruk? Det er helt gratis å stille spørmål hvis du lurer på noe 😉

DIY home-studio

I sometimes get questions on how I set the light for my home-studio-shoots. Here’s how:

What you need (and what I used):
– Ducktape (black from chlaes ohlsson)
– backdrop (3 meters of fabric)
– tripod
– flash (SB900)
– reflector (and something to hold it up)
– camera (Nikon D800)

What I did first is to stick the backdrop onto the wall with some ducktape. This backdrop was bought for a wedding-shoot, where we used the pattern on the back of it. You mark the spot where you want your model (the chair), and set up the tripod hence to what width you want in your photos.

2014-10-12 13.49.26As you can see, the flash is pointing backwards. When you don’t have too much equipment, like me, you sometimes have to be creative. Bouncing the light from the flash in a reflector right behind, makes the effect of having a bigger lightsource. That way, you don’t get the hard edges and shadows, but instead end up with a soft light, perfect for portraits.

2014-10-12 13.50.00My camerasettings looks like this on a day without too much ambient light (sunlight):

ISO: 400
f: 4,5
focal length: 48 mm
shutter: 1/80
white balance: auto
flash: manual (1/2)
(and subject distance: 1,5 meters)

This was the setup I used this sunday. For the result of the beautiful ladies who paid me a visit: stay tuned for later this week.

Lots Of Love!


Had a little shoot today with some buddies. Here’s the photos of Fredrik:

_DSC4957 as Smart Object-1 copy

_DSC4970 as Smart Object-1 copy

_DSC4984 as Smart Object-1 copy

_DSC5000 as Smart Object-1 copy



The result of the shoot I had with Signe, in my home-studio:

_DSC3587 as Smart Object-1 copy

_DSC3565 as Smart Object-1 copy