Word of the day:

  1. having inspiration; inspired._DSC5339 as Smart Object-1 copyHope everyone is «living» the word, and have had an inspirational day! I kind of did, and baked cake. I never bake… And I’m runing out of stock-photos (hence the tacky rose), so i propably should go out and take some photos soon.. or book some models. any ideas?

Hello 2015!

My photography-activity has dropped to a almost lifeless state, but I’m hoping to get the creative geenes flowing pretty soon. Starting the first «shoot» in 2015 by doing some self portraits. My narsisistic days are pretty much over, since this is the firsk self portrait I’ve done in over a year.

Inspired by a photo of Lindsey Wixon, shot by Santiago & Mauricio

Here’s mine:

_DSC6019 as Smart Object-2 copyTonight I’m off to shoot a private party, so no results will be posted from that, but I’m really looking foreward to finally using my camera again.