New start

Let me just start by saying that for those of you who follow me for the photos; you don’t have to read this. You might just get to know me a little, and I’m afraid that it will destroy my «image» completely… So this is mainly just to clear my mind, after all, that was how this blog started.

Stress has never been a friend of mine. At least not for the last couple of years. So when you decide to move to a new city (again) to start a new job (again), I get a little deja vu. The last two years I worked my ass of, working 12 hours a day six days a week. So when I decided to yet again take a chanse and just see where it takes me, I wanted to get a good start.. So I met my new boss, who told me that this tiny city has a 70% male population, where many of them are Polish workers. My job is to «paint the town pink». Hot pink.

Photo 06.05.14 13 43 27

So what do you do? (Everybody has their own kooping mekanism, mine has become running.) You pick the steepest hill you see, and you run. Hard. And when you reach the top after 2 km, and you really can’t feel your legs anymore, you start on your way down, and you keep on going. Just another few km. And it burns, but it’s a good kind of burn. And there’s nobody around to hear you breathe your lounges out. Or even sing to the good songs.

Photo 06.05.14 21 07 37

So, yeah, I’m stressed. Feeling like –>this <– song describes it pretty well. If anybody has any personal experience about things like this, please, share your wisdom with me.

Until next time, here is some of the view from my run:

Photo 06.05.14 20 12 49


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