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During these student exam-days, I must say I’ve been a little inspired. I never had a big written exam, but all of my roomies have had, or are still having them now, just before christimas. As I started thinking about it, there is one exam I really would like to do over again…

This whole thing is my second answer to my final exam in English during 10th grade. The year was 2006, and I’ve never been so embarrassed by any delivered test or exam my whole life. That’s why I decided to do it all over again. It took me over six years, but hey, better late than never? The exam assignment was to write a paper on three things that is important to you. Back then, I wrote about something as mainstream as food, music and love. like every teenager I was into what everyone else was into. wanted to like the same music, wanted the same style, wanted the cute boyfriend, and whatever everyone else had. I don’t think I’m that person anymore. Thank god. I think I’ve grown into someone who wants more than just what everybody else wants. Someone who sets her self goals that you really have to work to accomplish, and wants something more out of life than just to get a job, get a house, get a man, get kids, and get stuck.


Since this is a photo-blog, and not a school-paper-blog, I’m just gonna post the >>file<<. Those who would like to read it can, and those who don’t want to read it can look at theese photos of Marcel Leliënhof instead.

photo 1

photo 2

Iphone-images from his lecture at Norsk Fotofagskole just over three weeks ago.


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