Photoshop vs makeup

Let’s take a moment and think about this video that’s been popping up on facebook and other social medias lately:

Many think that this shows how wrong the image of what beauty is, and that beauty nowadays isn’t the same as it used to be… I disagree. The whole point of photoshop is to create and adjust something that wasn’t quite to our liking, or something that just wasn’t there. Therefore, thoose who are really good with photoshop can make something that others can’t. I think that’s okay, and it’s something that we all should admire. Photoshopartists have worked really hard to get to where they are, and have acquired great skills to make beautyfull things, or make beutifull people. (On that note, check out this photoshopGOD Erik Almås) On the other hand, what I think is wrong is this: stolen from, read the whole story here)

Makeup has in the exact same discussion gotten little or none of the negative attention. Why? Why is it okay to put on makeup to look like somebody completely different, use extentions to hide your bad hair, and cover your skin with mud, but not ok to get the same result using photoshop? By using photoshop at least you look the same when meeting someone, but by using enough makeup you constantly hide behind a shield of what many see as beauty.

I don’t see the difference, and I’m going to continue using photoshop, on my selfies and on the photos of my models. Why? because nobody’s perfect, but everybody deserve the chance to feel like it once in a while.


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