Sun and cake

Yesterday the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and summer was back in town.

Today the temperature is closer to 10 degrees, and it was raining parts of the day…
So I made a raw chocolate cake.

It was delicious! And now the sun is shining again. The universe likes it when I play housewife 🙂


Every day I’m suiting up

A really good thing about working at the airport is that you get to wear a suit to work. I love it!

The Tinie Tempah photos

Here’s some photos from the Tinie Tempah concert. (Click the photos)


It seems like forever since I bloged, so here’s a little update.

Today an amusement park popped up outside my building 🙂

Starting to realize that being broke makes me one hell of a vegetarian… Veggie-sushi for dinner yesterday, fried rice with avocado today. At least I’m being creative 🙂 Hoping to have a shoot at the end of the week, about time I did something with my camera again!

Tinie Tempah

It’s been a looong time since I did any concert-photography, so when I was asked to join the awesome music-journalist Felicia at the Tinie Tempah-concert this wednesday, I was stoked! She’s doing a story about it in «Furore i Harare», a online music-magazine. Had a quick look at the photos tonight, and I’m pretty happy with the result! Here’s a sneakpeak:


Check out this beautiful fashionvideo «Lost» by Charles Lucima, posted at the Ben Trovato blog!