Exhibition ending

I know I said that my photos would be at Vivaldi until March, but they have been there until now. It’s time for the lovely people who bought a piece to enjoy their art at home.

Two photos was sold, so there are still four to go. 50×70 cm sized print on a amazing 310 gms texturised paper. On the exhibition, they were sold for 2500 nok, but I just don’t have the room for them at my place, so now one print is yours for 1000,-

Theese are the ones left:

Face it, it would look great to have something besides IKEA-art on your walls 😉

If you’re interested in buying one of them (or several) please email me at martinelesk@gmail.com.


My parents sweet 50′

We celebrated my parents sweet 50′ birthday this weekend. They both turned 50 the same day (yeah, born the same year on the same day, they got a article in the local newspaper on it). So I had to take a photo of them before all the guests arrived.. Think this explains how they are, not kidding 😛

Hoping they’ll stay awkward and happy for another 50 years!

And the winner is…

It’s been a week after I posted the contest here, and about 200 people have clicked inn to see it. However, you all made the contest an easy win for Maratonjenta, who was the only one who made the effort to actually write a comment 🙂 She is not only a loyal follower, but a really creative and lovely lady! One free shoot is coming up for you!


3 years anniversary!

The blog is three years today! *woho*

By looking back, you can see that I started this blog when I was applying for photography-schools. Three years later I am a educated photographer looking back at the two best years of my life. Highly recommend that choise of education!

Of course I have to celebrate the anniversary, so in that case, I’m giving away a photo shoot. Not just a silly little halv-hour thing, but a really planned and good shoot, that you, of course, will be a part of. It could be just you, your family, your friends or a girlfriend/boyfriend shoot, you decide 🙂

This is going to be a contest, so you’ll have to work a little bit for it.. What I want you to do is to post a comment describing what kind of shoot you dream of, the crazyest most awesome thing you would want to do on your shoot. Not so difficult, is it? Use your imagination 😉 (and hoping somebody else but my mom sees this)
– Picking a winner next monday!


On a nother note, me and my roomie celebrated earth-hour on saturday!

… And we made raspberry daiquiris.

Anyone else «celebrate» earth-hour? Looking foreward to seing your dream-shoots!