Don’t ever use printerpix!

I totally believe in second chanses. But when what seems like a serious company manages to give me the wrong product THREE times, I’m telling people about it.

In december, I bought a goupon-coupon for a photo-book for the price og 79 NOK. This was from a company called Printerpix in the UK, and the book was supposed to be of a good quality. I was soo wrong. After 20 days I got the book I ordered, but the last 5 photos was printed up-side-down, and the order of the photos was wrong. The entire order was made online, so I just don’t get how they could get it wrong… Anyway, I complained, and got a second book about three weeks later.

This time, it seemed like some of the photos had gotten stuck in the printer. Really bad quality, for what seemed like a profesional site. The third time, I got word from someone who works there, that he would personally quality-check the book before it was sendt. I guess he didn’t, because i now got two books, wrong number of pages, and several of the photos printed twice.

Bottom line: NEVER use


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