A soldier sleeps when he can

Have had the most exhausting week in ages… Started in my new job as a promoter this monday, and after a week I can say that I’m going to love working with this. Meeting new people all day, and just spreading the love, helping kids in need (SOS barnebyer/child willages) and doing it with a smile!

After 9 hours of work, I’m still on work, as a photographer for Kosmorama, a international film-festival held here in Trondheim this week.

Tuesday I worked non-stop from 9 in the morning to half past 1 at night. I got to see the opening-film at Kosmorama, Rabat, and I loved it. So did a lot of others, because it won the audience-award for best film today! It was filmed parchally in Morocco, where I was in february 2011.. Made me miss the sun really bad, ’cause here in Trondheim there will be rain for another week (have been raining for a full week now).

Here is a little sneakpeak from Rabat, this song was on the end-credits of the film.

And this guy was the main character:


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