Just a little update on what was sunny, but now is a rainy sunday..

One of my photos (this one:)

was published on the facebookpage of Fashion World, and Unique Fashionbrand a coupple of days ago. Feels awesome to be posted right next to a photo from Karl Lagerfeld!

Also, today I got the news that I’m going to be the festival-photographer for a film festival here in Trondheim, called Kosmorama. I was one of many photographers there in 2011, but this year students from the norwegian school of creativity is taking most of the photos. However, they liked my work, and would like to have me as a photographer to be sure that the quality of the photos are up to what we had to show for last year.

The festival starts tomorrow, monday 19th of march, don’t miss it!

And last but not least: some sunday snacks.

–> This video was directed by the amazing photographer Rocky Schenck, who, in the beginning of March, held a lecture at The Norwegian school of photography (Norsk Fotofagskole), where he explained how he works and what he does. Very inspirational man!

Another Adele-video that a friend showed me a few days ago:

And the great Susanne Sundfør:

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