Had a tiny shoot with Lisa yesterday


Don’t ever use printerpix!

I totally believe in second chanses. But when what seems like a serious company manages to give me the wrong product THREE times, I’m telling people about it.

In december, I bought a goupon-coupon for a photo-book for the price og 79 NOK. This was from a company called Printerpix in the UK, and the book was supposed to be of a good quality. I was soo wrong. After 20 days I got the book I ordered, but the last 5 photos was printed up-side-down, and the order of the photos was wrong. The entire order was made online, so I just don’t get how they could get it wrong… Anyway, I complained, and got a second book about three weeks later.

This time, it seemed like some of the photos had gotten stuck in the printer. Really bad quality, for what seemed like a profesional site. The third time, I got word from someone who works there, that he would personally quality-check the book before it was sendt. I guess he didn’t, because i now got two books, wrong number of pages, and several of the photos printed twice.

Bottom line: NEVER use

5ft floor

The good thing about living at the fifth floor with an elevator that doesn’t work is that you get just a tiny bit of exersice every day. God I hate those stairs.

and it was all yellow

Painted my nails yellow yesterday. Think nail-polish might be my way of slowly getting used to colours… Since I only wear black or dark clothes, I mean.. Also considering dying my hair in a pale pink colour.. Oh, well, we’ll see about that.

A soldier sleeps when he can

Have had the most exhausting week in ages… Started in my new job as a promoter this monday, and after a week I can say that I’m going to love working with this. Meeting new people all day, and just spreading the love, helping kids in need (SOS barnebyer/child willages) and doing it with a smile!

After 9 hours of work, I’m still on work, as a photographer for Kosmorama, a international film-festival held here in Trondheim this week.

Tuesday I worked non-stop from 9 in the morning to half past 1 at night. I got to see the opening-film at Kosmorama, Rabat, and I loved it. So did a lot of others, because it won the audience-award for best film today! It was filmed parchally in Morocco, where I was in february 2011.. Made me miss the sun really bad, ’cause here in Trondheim there will be rain for another week (have been raining for a full week now).

Here is a little sneakpeak from Rabat, this song was on the end-credits of the film.

And this guy was the main character:


Just a little update on what was sunny, but now is a rainy sunday..

One of my photos (this one:)

was published on the facebookpage of Fashion World, and Unique Fashionbrand a coupple of days ago. Feels awesome to be posted right next to a photo from Karl Lagerfeld!

Also, today I got the news that I’m going to be the festival-photographer for a film festival here in Trondheim, called Kosmorama. I was one of many photographers there in 2011, but this year students from the norwegian school of creativity is taking most of the photos. However, they liked my work, and would like to have me as a photographer to be sure that the quality of the photos are up to what we had to show for last year.

The festival starts tomorrow, monday 19th of march, don’t miss it!

And last but not least: some sunday snacks.

–> This video was directed by the amazing photographer Rocky Schenck, who, in the beginning of March, held a lecture at The Norwegian school of photography (Norsk Fotofagskole), where he explained how he works and what he does. Very inspirational man!

Another Adele-video that a friend showed me a few days ago:

And the great Susanne Sundfør:

So, we made sushi

the other night…

– And it was goooood!