Dette blir første og siste gang jeg kommer med et slikt tilbud, så det er bare å hive seg rundt her! I mars setter jeg av en del arbeidstimer til fotografering i Verdal. Du får 1,5 timer fotografering OG 5 tilsendte høyoppløselige bildefiler for 1500,-






For å sette prisen litt i perspektiv, så har jeg noen sammenligninger: for 1500 kroner får du et par jeans til ok kvalitet. De bruker du i en måned, før du går lei av dem. For 1500 kroner får du en natt i fyllearresten. Jeg garanterer at en fotografering med meg er mye kosligere. For 1500 kroner får du et støttemedlemskap på 3t i noen måneder. Vi kan alle innrømme at det har skjedd. For 1500 kroner får du 1/4 iPhone, med et normalt abonnement.

For 1500 kroner får du en fotografering på 1,5 timer, enten i studio eller ute på location, og 5 ferdig behandlede bilder klare for å legges på nett, eller printes, enten hjemme eller hos en fotoforhandler. Dette er et one-time-offer, så send en mail til med ønsket dato og tidspunkt, før det fylles opp 🙂 sjekk ut eller for å se flere bilder.


giving a march-offer in Verdal with 1,5 hours photo-shoot and 5 photo-files for 1500 NOK. This is a one-time-offer, and it will not happen again, so send an email to for booking.


Weekend snack

Sorry girls, this guy plays for the other team, so this is some photos for the boys.

Model: Øyvind Sghtbakken Holm.


So, a little summup for the last week:

Just finished my last night-shift this morning at the hotel I’ve been working on since june. Had some great nights the last coupple og shifts, especially since Dana Fuchs and her band were staying with us. They are incredibly amazing all of them, It’s a shame that I missed their show on wednesday :/ It  was snowing real heavy when thet came back, so Miss Fuchs and John Diamond made a little snowman in the middle of the street:

(mobilepic) Dana also posted a photo of her and the snowman at her facebooksite.

So, last night I made my last breakfast-pack for a tired army-guy. Thought to my self that I had the right to be a little cheezy since it was my last one, so I made it a little extra special:

If he noticed it at all, I hope it made his day just a little bit better 🙂

Slept a good 12 hours after the shift, so now I’ll most likely stay up all night (and morning?), so I’ll have the time to fix everything I haven’t thought of in the last week. Been super sleepy since I haven’t eaten nearly any meat, so I’m in need of iron in my blood. There won’t be any weekend snack this week, so if any of you actually wait for those pics, you’ll just have to wait until next week.

So now, without a job to go to every day/night, I’ve got all the time in the world to do anything. If any of you need a photographer, I’m up for some jobs! Will post a march-offer in a few days, just have to get some things in order first.

Have a great weekend everyone! 😀

No podcast

If anyone’s still waiting for me to post a link to the podcast of the interview I did on the radio, I’m sad to say that the show was never podcasted.. Turns out there was a problem with the radiochannel and some other firm, so they couldn’t make a podcast of the interview (something about music on the program…)


On the other hand, my exhibition is still up and running at Café Vivaldi! all the prints are for sale (2500,-) and the place opens every day (besides monday) at 8 pm 🙂 Go check it out, and buy some original art for your walls 😉


I’ve got two weeks left working fulltime as a night reseptionist. After that I have to get creative. Is this the point where I should start applying to internships all over the world?

Snow again

When you work as a night-receptionist, you can’t sleep untill you’ve been awake for a while… So you stay awake. At five in the morning, you just barely look out the curtains, and you see this:

It has been snowing all day long, and for this saturday night, a bowl of raw chocolate cake is my date. Not bad!

Inspirational yum yum

Just had to show you guys this stuff!

Big Bangs jewlery line lookbook for this spring/summer has some awesome photos in it! And the jewlerys are so pretty! Please buy me one?

Check out the whole collection here!

Also, check out this interior photos from the Greenbrier Hotel. I’m not too high on colours, but THIS! This I love! (link)